Friday, March 29, 2013

Why I Can't Shop Alone...

We got the bathtub leveled and installed today. The bathroom has a serious slant to it and that meant throwing some mortar down on the floor to build it up and get everything on the same level.
You can see the gap between tub and floor on the drain side. This is what we were fighting.
We built out the wall to make sure everything was plumb. Still need to make a wall for the plumbing though.
Getting the tub in took more time than expected today. We also found out we had miscalculated the amount of tile we are going to need for the floor. Since the floor is so badly slanted and there is such a clear gap with the tub bottom, we are going to use mortar and level the entire floor which meant we needed more mortar and tile. This sent me on a solo run for supplies. I had a very well set list of 4 items: tile, three 50 lbs bags of mortar to level, a 50 lbs bag of mortar for the tiles, tiles, and 2 extra sheets of subfloor. I had to return two 10 lbs bags of the tile mortar we had bought with before we recalculated the space. It was more cost effective to return and get a bigger bag.

I couldn't find the proper concrete subfloor at the store I went to and they didn't have nearly enough tiles. It would have been 11 days to get a special order in but the Madison West store had plenty of tile and I knew where the boards are too. After picking 200 pounds of mortar and a vanity light (not on the initial list, but something we needed and had already decided on) I made the choice to jump in the car and run to the other store for the last items on the list.

Got to the other stir and found the items easily enough. Also picked up a bird feeder and some seed since we have a yard! Why not feed the birds?

After getting the tiles to the car I realized there was one more item that we needed and had to run back inside before running to the lumber yard to pick up the concrete boards. After trying to stir the batch that was under the tub by hand, I picked up an oversized egg beater attachment that will work on a drill to stir the mortar. 

Kevin doesn't know what all I've been up to yet... Wish me luck...
Put this in place and there wasn't a single bird in the yard

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lots of Steps

The subfloor is completed!!!

 And the interior back door is also in! It is a pain shimming a door straight.

We changed the front porch light.

 Our new outdoor fireplace is proving efficient for getting rid of the slat pile

New living room light

That center spot is what our carpet used to look like before we started.

 We uncovered our bathtub for the first time and dry fitted it into the bathroom and sorted out the drain fittings.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Water Heaters and Mummified Mice

We had a showing on our apartment on Saturday, keep in mind our lease expires at the end of June! So we took the cats to the house, they weren't allowed out of their carriers. I spent the day straightening the vampire stakes and Kevin made an attempt at finishing the water heater.
CUTENESS! Freya put herself into her carrier

The reason I say attempted is because the flex line we got had a leak and you can't seal them with the goop.....Oh no, I just remembered I forgot the goop at the house and will be making another run there once I post this >.< To the right is the set up with the rigid gas line. You would've thought I'd remember to grab the stuff when I went downstairs to take that picture.

The vent line for the water heater. We will be having a built in bench covering it so it doesn't look weird coming out the kitchen floor, which we can now finish!
It doesn't stick out that far outside the house. When we have better weather we'll be able to seal it.

 Nicely stacked stakes and lumber. What we're going to do with it all is beyond me...

Today I organized the kitchen and finished up the bedroom and now we get to decide whether or not its beneficial just to be rid of all the plaster upstairs or keep to original plan and wait.

WARNING: Another Mummified Creature Picture 

Luckily, every critter we've seen is long dead....

This mummified mouse was in the bathroom ceiling. What was most annoying is every time I tried to stuff the insulation in the garbage bag he managed to shift to the top of the pile and I had to see it about 5 times before it finally relented to be buried.

Well, so much for relaxing, I need to go get the pipe goop. Grrr, I already settled on an evening in PJs surrounded by kitties. *sigh*