Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey Remember This?

Ok, so we have been really bad about updating this summer. Part of this is due to work and other projects and us putting ourselves out of commission as well as just plain moving in! Our lease expired on the apartment at the end of June so we had to pack up and move in before the beginning of July. The upstairs is a work in progress so we've been living in the kitchen and living room which hinders working on those rooms because so much stuff is piled into them. Couches will fit on dressers if properly sized, for your information.

What have we been doing? Well, upstairs has gotten some more insulation in the bedroom as well as electricity in the hallway! There's even some drywall on the walls and ceiling! Which I would have pictures of, but I would have to move a box spring and boxes that is our makeshift wall to keep the cats out from up there. Instead, I present you: backyard photos!

You'll remember that in spring we had a duck pond for a backyard, well we found out part of the reason, there is a giant concrete slab under six inches of topsoil and grass. To remedy all these issues, we are putting in a drainage well. Kevin was working on the hole for it today. Which meant, I couldn't resist getting into it once it was done.

 I am 5'4" so that gives you an idea of the size of the hole.
The tree roots that were getting in the way.

Using the shovel for size comparison.

We also planted some Lilac seedlings that I transplanted from my grandma's yard!
This is our new compost box