Sunday, September 6, 2015

Step On Up

After changing the door we had a big hole under it and that didn't help keep water from seeping to the basement.
 These are the old steps. They were falling apart and easily thrown around, which probably didn't help them stay together.

 Some left over plywood was a great source for filling the underside.
 Base one
 Step one done
 Base two

 Step Two Done
 These new steps are MUCH heavier than the old ones so they aren't going to be tossed around at all.
 It's going to take some getting used to not having to step up into the house. The gap used to be about six inches and now it's less than half an inch.
Kevin worked really hard and managed to level out and clear the other side of the house.

 Bird feeders in front of the windows so the cats can watch the birds.

 Made use of that round cistern cover that we had found in the yard and made it a base for the birdbath. Covered it with the remaining rocks, but it's there.