Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our house hates us...

In another round of: What Surprises Lie Ahead... It was finally time to tackle the front door. Kevin was hard at work taking out the old one early this morning before I got outside. A note about the old front door: the bottom fell out of it while we were moving in 2 years ago. It let a lot of water in because of that.

Another case of layering...

gaps and insulation

 Some may remember we bought this gorgeous door in one of our first shopping binges. We had been sitting in the aisle discussing door swings and figured out what was needed. We bought a right swing door and they were to pull it and have it in the lumber yard for us to pick up with a ton of other stuff. We put it on the porch and left it. We should have paid closer attention because they pulled a left swing door. *sigh* that just wouldn't do. So an unexpected trip to Menard's this morning put this project off by an hour or so.

Random Cardinal because I'm easily distracted.

Not the same door as the one we had bought, but a pretty one nonetheless