Tuesday, June 11, 2013

well that escalated quickly

Lots of things going on. I accidentally made my book public two weeks early. This isn't horrible, in fact it may prove beneficial since I don't really need to stress about it, just promote it and I can get my focus back on the house. Kevin will really like that bit. Especially because we only have til the end of the month to make it livable before our apartment lease is up.

 Today was supposed to be an upstairs clean up day. You remember, that part of the house we weren't going to touch yet? Well, That didn't really happen. It's stripped bare. Including the 2nd bedroom, that one room we weren't going to bother with. Well, I had errand's to run this morning and they took a lot longer than expected. On a positive note, my car no longer has a faulty brake switch and my window no longer goes 'clunk' when closing, but the 1 hour I booked for the appointment turned into 2 because of the clunking issue. Then I went to get my ring inspected since it's that time of year and all the prongs need to be replaced, but company policy is they can only do 10 at a time so they will do that and I'll have to return to have the rest done. @.@ Then Lunch and Menards. Loaded up on rebate \items and educated someone on the rebate program, all because I had the LED solar lights in the cart. Finally, at 2 I made it to the house where Kevin had been busy...

We figured that if we're living in the place the single bulbs weren't going to cut it so he hung the  light in the kitchen

We haven't seen this much Living Room carpet since we bought the place!

Because I did such a great job prepping and insulating the kitchen, I am in charge of doing the upstairs. We decided that cleaning the 2nd bedroom up and moving everything from the main bedroom into it would be a good first step.

This is all the stuff I need to move

Cleaned up Master Bedroom. I spent some time pulling nails, but I think I may have dehydrated. Even though we do have drinking water thanks to Kevin hooking up the fridge! It is an oven upstairs, exposed roof vents didn't vent enough and even with all four windows open and a fan, I was sweaty and lightheaded. I also wasn't wearing my hardhat and bonked my head three times on nails, dropped the acoustical tiles on my non-steeled toes, and scraped my finger raw on a joist....  So I'm going to relax the rest of the evening. Maybe pack some more of the apartment.