Monday, June 17, 2013

Making Habitable

We are getting close to the expiration of our lease which means that the house needs to be at the minimum habitable even if it isn't finished. 
Living room light works now. This is the only room we haven't gutted. That might not last long once we get in so we can redo the wires because we don't trust anything the former owners did at this point.

The floor is finished to the point of getting the appliances in. 
The washer and dryer are off the front porch and in place. AND the washer works.

Did we show you that the kitchen sink is in? or that the dishwasher? or the counter top?

Water lines and drain pipe



Upstairs is stupidly hot! Partly because there is nothing between the sun-baked roof and the house so today, insulation went up in the main bedroom where all the wiring has been run.