Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shed 2.0

Crunched shed needs to go buh-bye

 Pile of Supplies!

A start
We used the platform of the old shed so we were a step ahead.


Siding going up

Rafter's up

Getting darker with the roof decking on

Owl face in the siding

Tar Paper up and ready for shingles

Striped shed. It was a pain getting in all the grooves, but it had to be done  to get the best coverage.

Doors built and set into place.

Fully painted

Hardware installed and we're done

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Look a Room for Living

Journey begins to getting a living room


 Got rid of the pass through with a solid wall

 Putting in new electrical

New Insulation

Construction doesn't bother him a bit

 Up goes the sheet rock


Pulling up the carpet

 In floor electrical, That's gotta go.

After some set backs this summer the living room is habitable and where out of the kitchen.
Primed walls. Decided to paint walls before laying floor. 

Painted Walls!

Textured Ceiling. Light's back in place!
 Laying the floor. This was funny because the new laminate almost looks like the old boards that we were covering.

Fully laid and outlet covers in place.

 Buddy photobomb!