Friday, April 12, 2013

Dangerous when left to my own devices...

 Remember when we said we weren't doing anything to the upstairs? Well, that didn't happen. The stupid plaster and slats caused issues with finding the wires for the lighting and switches. Kevin gave me the go ahead to take out part of the  wall and ceiling of the hallway. I took this opportunity to keep going and strip the entire area. The response I received was that I'm too efficient.

Open concept just keeps expanding.

Bricks fell out of the ceiling

Insulation in the kitchen
 That was mostly what I did yesterday. This morning we did the insulation in the kitchen before lunch. I went back this afternoon to get rid of some nails in the bedroom and remove some of the old wiring.

The junction box monster lost a tentacle

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Actual Install, Not Destruction

Inside a water meter
Much progress has been made, I just haven't had a chance for updates. We found out that our water meter was cracked and getting the replacement plate took longer than expected thanks to the Post Office losing it in Elk Grove Cottage (or something like that), Illinois. Now that it has arrived and been installed we are able to move forward with plumbing and not haul 5 gallon pails of water from the apartment to the house. It also makes clean up a lot easier.

Currently our only source of water at the house is the outside spigot

 Getting the bathtub in and level seemed difficult enough, but getting the floor level is proving even more difficult. We've used cement board and a bunch of mortar in an attempt to hide the 1" slant of the room. It has been a messy job.

We've built the supporting wall for the plumbing of the shower

Kevin's parents came out yesterday and helped us with the tiling of the bathroom floor

They also helped with insulation in the kitchen ceiling.

Our Kitchen Cabinets have been delivered. One whole pallet of boxes.