Wednesday, April 29, 2015


So we had an oops. The sandstone foundation that was nicely disguised by a wall got a hole in it and water built up behind it and pushed the wall until it caved.

Behind the wall was more plaster and lath then sandstone

We also got rid of ALL the concrete from the patio out of the yard and made the city haul it away. (This took about 3 piles of the size pictured below, missed the first one)

Back to the basement solution. After digging down, filling the hole with concrete, the side of the house was leveled out with an embankment to get water away. With the help of a plate compactor the side of the house was evened out and an Alliant Energy guy even told us how high we could go without having to have the meter moved.

 Then comes the layering! First the black plastic:

 Then the white.

And finally lots and lots of rocks. We bought these rocks almost a year ago and finally get to use them!

Our lilac bush FINALLY has a home outside its pot ^_^