Thursday, March 12, 2015

Making a Splash in the Bathroom

 This winter was spent working on the bathroom and getting the details done. As of now it is done with the exception of trim. Remember when we bought the house the toilet was in the middle of the floor, the vanity wasn't connected, the floor was a weird press board, and the pipes were burst. Honestly, it was the scariest room in the house. We reused the original vanity to get us by. The floor was tiled shortly after we closed and a new shower and toilet was installed. There's another post about all that. This is for the latest stuff!

 Finished off the walls and primed walls around the toilet 'cubby'

Upclose Texture
 Blue Walls and White Vanity!!!

This shows the linen cabinet we found at ReStore,
the Habitat for Humanity place. It's a perfect fit!

 Instead of a medicine cabinet we have a mirror!

 This is the worlds most awesome toilet paper holder! No springs to worry about!

  Light remounted!

Brush Nickel Surround/Backsplash for the shower was the final touch.