Monday, June 3, 2013

More Kitchen Work

 Kevin's parents came out and helped get the upper cabinets up on the sink side of the kitchen. Once everything was in place, Kevin was able to start laying out the plumbing for the sink and connect the dishwasher. The counter tops are on order and are supposed to be in by the 6th.

A hint of what the counter tops will look like

This is the invisible microwave. 

The side wall has drywall on it and the ceiling is completed!

Had to start laying the floor so that the stove and refrigerator could be put in place

This is why I can't find tools. I put them up on top of the window on a very little ledge. 

My job today was to finish insulating the side walls. There is a space on the one wall around the window that I couldn't get at because that corner is blocked by a whole bunch of stuff.

The only thing we kept , or so it seems, was the vanity for the bathroom. Kevin actually lifted this thing all by himself.