Monday, April 7, 2014

Surprise project

We realized we'll never have the bedroom as empty as it currently is so we decided to replace the floor. We should have thought about doing this before having everything prepped for paint.
Removed the old thick baseboards

 After screwing down the subfloor a new OSB base is laid and new boards take the place of the old. Decided this was better for house stability than adding a sliver of drywall.
Everything primed except the cubby that'll be finished off.

We went with a neutral brown/tan paint for the walls of the room, it's also for the one wall in the hallway. It's not quite the color expected, but it's growing on us and once the furniture is in place it'll be better.

Look a light fixture!
 The new flooring is a snap together laminate. The color is Rustic Barrel, so a bit darker and sets off the walls well.

 Trim boards! The trim is a hardwood, but to tie with the rest of the upstairs it'll be painted white.