Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top to Bottom

We've known for some time how bad the previous owners were in regards to doing anything right. The roof job reaffirmed that assessment. It also confirmed my absolute terror of high places and extension ladders. Oh, and we found a bunch of yellow jackets, which is the only reason I went onto the roof to help be lookout so Kevin could work

The rotten piece that need to be replace, the first learning of poor decking//construction

Shingles and Tarpaper over Shingles is appropriate, Right?

Nice new decking w/ geometry involved
 Pretty new shingles :)

Got the backyard smoothed out and seeded, again hopefully the weather will cooperate and the erosion won't go into the back porch!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Yards are Overrated

Rented an excavator to start making the trenches for the drainage setup. We have quite the trenches going.

Pallet bridge, only one was used on a dangerous crossing, but it was a good picture opt

Massive pile of dirt
Hole along the side of the house. This way we can fix the concrete.

Safety fence to keep kids from falling into the 8ft hole

Twin trenches

We got 4 loads of dirt while we had the excavator. Had the excavator on the trailer behind the borrowed truck and used it to load our truck.

Big hole, 8ft deep

crossing the trenches

Sunday, July 6, 2014

After Pics

A second load of 12 tons of gravel was delivered after the we realized the first one was not enough. Kevin spread it all by hand, rake, and shovel. Using the truck to help compact it. It looks so much better. Needed to build it up and will need some more dirt on the one side to get up to the driveway now.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We made a mess

We tore up the yard. Like most of our projects, it didn't go smoothly. The fence that we thought would take 20 minutes to tear out took closer to 2 hours due to the fact it was industrial tornado proof installed. The thing was 3 feet above ground but five feet under, complete with interior and exterior cement and a nice line of rebar through it. If they would've put half the effort into the house that they did into the vinyl fence, we wouldn't be doing all this remodeling!

The Most Evil Fence in the World

Spray paint outline for the drainage tank

 The fun begins:
Remember that fence? This is what it was like below ground!

Looking for the bottom of those fence posts.

Nope, still haven't found the bottom

Random circle found in the driveway, has a date of 10/30/22 on it

Another truckload for the dump

My contribution, one corner by the house devegged and cleared

A random tomato plant. It's doing great!

This pile was our driveway

Hello Patio Underbelly

Had 10 tons of gravel delivered...It wasn't enough...

Spreading the gravel

clearing the patio by the house

That used to be concrete and a lot of plants

Kevin in the Bobcat

Oh hi, Patio.

 Kevin dug down and tarred and sealed the side of the house, he also repainted the window wells.

RUBBLE! Working on figuring out a way to get rid of this mess.

So, we've had a huge waterfall inducing leak in our back porch, we may have found a source, the big giant hole under the patio.

The white thing is the tank we're turning into a drywell. We were unable to get to that step this time.

The start of the rubble pile as well as the two and a half pallets of finishing stones piled up