Saturday, March 16, 2013

And Matt was Here...

After getting the bathroom floor cleaned up we found MATT written in the area where the bathtub was located

We put spray foam filler into the cracks around the bathroom to help seal things before putting the insulation in. A lot of the drafts already seem to have stopped.

Another room?

We had no intention of working on the upstairs this year. We were going to wait until after the kitchen and bathroom were done and we were actually moved in. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. While trying to find where the wiring goes in order to get electricity to the upstairs we had to track one wire it turned into a much larger project. Meaning we started dismantling the main bedroom trying to find where the wire went.
Make shift wire dispenser using a rake to spin the 1000 foot wire spool

 The upstairs bedroom had panel on top of panel on top of plaster and slats.

Removal of the ceiling tile meant more plaster and slots

Lots and lots of junction boxes

Very steep steps are not fun to haul buckets of plaster up and down.

Another pile of garbage... Good thing the kitchen and bathroom were pretty much clean...

Saturday's work

I couldn't just let it go with being clean, I had to take down some more plaster and get the full backwall cleared out and the side wall next to the doorway. Why would I want to actually leave it clean?

Halfway cleared ceiling

Friday, March 15, 2013

Double Drywall and Working Switches

Took out the pass through and ran into something new, the previous remodel double drywalled the area. It wasn't that they had painted the first layer and wanted to cover it, they were using drywall to even out the wall.

The finished wall and some interesting use of electrical tape.

Pulled off the final slat and panels from the wall where the sink goes.

Light fixtures in place and they work!

We have three-way light switches!!!
Two working light switches in a box

Monday, March 11, 2013

Flooded Out

That span across the whole room is what's left for the subfloor. We have a floor to walk on!!!

A mini break in the weather followed by two straight days of rain have led to a flood basement and yard. We had a picture of a previous flood, but it was nothing like this one. There were 3-4 inches in the basement which meant running out for a pump. The picture above is the submersible pump which is about half under water. This pump did not work very well. It kept cutting out which meant Kevin went out and got another one which helped significantly in the backyard.

 You can see the water lines on the tree and birdbath which show just how much water we pumped out of the backyard today and just how much is left. Since we don't stay at the house we have to shut down the pump, especially since we are under a winter storm warning.

There is a local park that is under even more water than our yard. I thought it was funny ducks were using it, but today there were two kayaks and an inner tube. 

Pepsi can in the wall of the bathroom

This prybar was in the wall too, guess we didn't need to buy one
Kevin started on the vent system in the kitchen ceiling.
While he worked on the kitchen I worked on the bathroom. I think with the exception of a span of drywall over the door that was proving to be a pain, the room is stripped and cleaned. 
Garbage can where the bathtub goes.