Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Preston Was Here

On the main rafter of the roof there is a bracing plate that has the name Preston carved into it.

Kevin ran the wires into the walls and back to the panel. They aren't plugged in yet, but this means we can proceed with the floor.

Beautiful new sill plate in place with the notches in place for the wires to make it through safely. Now that the plate is down we can get on with the plywood. Interestingly, the kitchen side is about 4 inches narrower than the dining room side which means that our 8 foot boards don't land nicely on a joist and cutting or notching is going to be needed.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Attic Surprises

Kevin found a bunch more things when he finished tearing down the ceiling.
The pair to this old leather shoe fell as well and we haven't found it yet, but it is really awesome!

Play time! We also found some more kid related things:

1) Mallo Cup  prize redemption card

2) a die, two hockey players, some checker pieces

3) a shell collection and I really don't know what the red thing or vile is. The large green piece was some sort of pot that was broken before the shards rained down all the way to the basement.

Old electrical showing there was once knob and tube wiring

Interesting grouping of things, some old leather, a tarnished spoon, and half of a pair of scissors.

WARNING: a bit graphic

We had found evidence of the squirrel in the form of droppings and corncobs, but we didn't expect to find the remains of it....