Monday, April 29, 2013

Rabbit Force Field Activate

We bought our first plant for the yard. We haven't really done much landscaping except for removing the old wooden trim from around the yard.
The rose bush we bought yesterday. 
The hole for the plant.
Plant in the hole. Note the little buds/new growth on the plant.
 Upon returning to the house today, I found that the new growth had been eaten, probably by the rabbit that lives in the woodpile.

Used the leftover edging from the previous owner and created the rabbit force field. Try and get at it now Rabbit!
Wow! We have a toilet! 

The forgotten room. We haven't spent a lot of time in the little closet off the kitchen, in fact in became a dumping zone for a lot of junk. Since I needed to clean for the appliances, I spent some time in that room and made a path to the basement steps that we haven't been able to use in a few months. We still have junk in it, a big box of wires and some doors.