Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finishing Touches?!


Slowly but surely the bathroom tile is getting laid. Due to dry time it has been easier for Kevin to lay a few tiles each day and we are getting closer to it all being in. The weather has also been incredibly wet and he hasn't been able to get the tile cutter out. Since a lot of the final tile needs cutting to finish the edges it has put this project on hold for a bit.

The other project that has come a long way is the kitchen. Most of the backwall insulation is in, what's missing are the small uneven portions that will need scraps or cutting in order to finish it off. Kevin has got the ceiling ready for the next step. The vents have been prepped for the new design and the insulation and strips in place as well.

Now that everything is ready we can actually get some finishing touches up!
Drywall lift in its first use

Attached drywall!!!