Thursday, February 21, 2013


 We were on a slight hold waiting for our special order electrical panel. It came in this morning and we did a pre-breakfast run to pick it up. Kevin built a new wall in the basement for it. He also rewired the main power cable, the furnace, and the one outlet to the side. That would equal the total power in the house. The new panel is definitely larger than the old and will be open for expansion sometime in the future. By moving it to the basement we also will be better prepped to rewire.
New Panel
Old Panel
While Kevin was working on the wall and electrical, I was upstairs taking down ceiling tiles and the kitchen drywall.

After the furnace was back up and running we went back to the subfloor and now have half a floor to walk on!

 With the new floor I'll be able to pull down more ceiling tiles! We are down to only one shelf along the back wall. I got rid of the top one and the box shelf set which opened the corner up for demo.
View from the front door

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finder's Keepers

While we haven't found bags of money in the rafters- yet- we have found a number of interesting 'treasures'. We already posted our 1910 newspapers; although, we found out something interesting by looking closer at them. The May 12 edition featured the story of the death of King Edward VII of England and the coronation of the next king.So here are the other things we have found:
This sign was hidden in the basement behind some doors and a drywall sheet. It is a back lit plastic sign. The bottom reads Mel's Diner. It doesn't have the back or the lighting and there is a crack in it. The sign is as big as a sheet of plywood that hid it.

 Evidently the former owners were thirsty. We've found Red Bull in the mailbox, Captain Morgan on top of the duct work in the basement, and Bud Light under the bathtub...

This note is scrawled on a stud next to the bathroom plumbing

 Since the kitchen has yielded a lot of interesting things.

A to-do list was behind a cabinet along with a sympathy card from 1985 that had a King of Clubs in it.

No idea what this piece of printed plastic is for but it is pretty!

The nut and marble were between the floor and sub-floor. There is another marble, a blue and white one, that was found in the wall, but I didn't get a picture of it. 

Under the sink cabinet were a scraper, two spoons, butter knife, macrame butterfly and 3 pennies.

 Part of the reason for the list of goodies is because not a ton was done at the house today. I sorted through our laminate flooring to make sure it was good.
Of the 18 boxes and all but 2 were good
This may be box overkill. This is our trim for the floor. A lot of empty space in it. This also came with a sample of the floor cleaner that was also put in a big box for its size.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Divide and Conquer

We got the sistering done on the header and sides for the kitchen side today. After that was done Kevin went to work on putting up the joists for that side. He got half of them done ^_^

While he was working on that I was working on demo-ing the bathroom. 

That's the back part of our new tub surround. It was resting in the bathroom and needed to find a new home before I could start luckily we've made some room in the living room for it.

 To the right is the wall by the vanity. Realizing I was going to run into electrical and the vanity I had to stop and decided to start on the bathtub.
 When I tried loosen the netting that was securing the surround, the wall moved. It appears we will be rebuilding that wall when the new tub goes in since it isn't secured to the floor.

After fighting with the fiberglass surround for most the afternoon it is finally gone!