Friday, November 6, 2015

Crawl Space Calamity

  After the wall collapse, we had to move everything to the other side of the basement and it's been a slow process cleaning everything up. We had to prep the water pipes to make sure they don't freeze this year. In order to get to the crawl space things had to be cleaned up. Kevin did a lot of grunt work on this one.

This is the furnace intake. It also shows the waterline of what had flooded into the basement.

Three buckets of dirt dumped from the basement.

standing water still in the weight case
 CLEAN! The pink insulation is going into the crawl space.

 Crawl Space entrance. It's a tight fit!
Ready to work

Step 1: Spray Foam

Step 2: Pink Insulation

Not the easiest to maneuver with the insulation in the hole 

Step 3: Wrap the pipes with heat tape and insulation

Out of the Hole