Saturday, February 2, 2013

Didn't Want That Wall Anyway...

The wall that was behind the sink cabinets was covered in multiple layers of wallpaper.

 Two layers of paneling leads to several layers of wallpaper before getting to the plaster wall. This wall had to go away to get the floor out on the kitchen side.

We keep gaining headroom as the floor layers are going away and now it looks like the walls are going to give us more width!

We received our plumbing supplies yesterday. Unfortunately, UPS screwed up and delivered it to the neighbors house. Luckily we were able to get them before anything happened since they were left in a snowbank. The company was made aware of the mistake.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Closer!!!

The beams are just notched on both sides and easily removable. We also have determined that new walls and ceiling are in order so a little more demo is in order, but we are getting closer to being able to start putting it together. *gulp*

Pulled down some of the acoustical tile to see what we're dealing with. 

Thankfully we were able to borrow my work truck and trailer today for another big run. Today's trip got us the final items needed to actually get a start on putting things together: Drywall, Plywood, and Insulation... a lot of insulation 22 rolls. The nice thing is we are actually going to update the insulation from R11 to R13 which is the thickest that we can go with the way our studs are set-up. We have drywall for the ceiling of the kitchen, the walls of the kitchen and got some mold resistant green board for the bathroom. I must say though, lifting 34 sheets of drywall and 12 of plywood really, really sucks. Luckily we had a small army of lumber yard employees to help load because it was the two of us unloading all 3000 lbs by ourselves. >.<

We ended up storing the insulation in the bathroom for the time being and the sheets in the living room. We also got a new bathroom light and vent setup that will match the faucets. A lot of the reason we went to such an extreme with getting everything is because one of the hardware stores is offering an 11% rebate until Saturday, which means at this time we will basically be getting our countertops for nothing! The remaining big ticket items are going to be: kitchen flooring, the cabinets, and the appliances.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Heat; Good-bye Floor

Yesterday we made another supply run. This trip wasn't as heavily loaded down as the first. We decided on the bathtub and surround and picked up another piece of lumber. This time we got the red flag stapled in place.

We had a bit of rain last night and the snow melted along with it. So we went to the house to find a duck pond in the backyard.The foundation is also showing us where the seams are going to give us problems.

 The contractor came in today and found the gas leak. There were two spots that were leaking and were easily fixed, which means we don't have to replace the line and can save a bit of money that way. Since the contractor work is done we can now start on the insane part of the demolition: getting rid of the kitchen sub-floor.

Another ax cut is through the wider of the timbers and we think this was used to help hoist the logs into place.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paying for Itself

Today was not a day of work at the house, but we didn't stay idle. We had a big day of shopping hardware stores. Positives of today: We decided what to do with the kitchen/dining room floor. Yay for agreeing on things!!! We got a new front door and door for the kitchen. Bonus: The front door was on sale! ^_^ No picture of it yet though, probably won't have any until it's in place.

The trailer proved itself today. The new decking was needed for what we threw on it. Unfortunately, the weather turned while we were in the store and we had to load up in the sleet and cold. Luckily the lumber yard attendant was able to help given with our 18 (!) 2x8-12's because they were above head height which made me useless. Our trip ended with: 24: 2x4-6's, 4: 2x4-12's, 2: 2x10-12's, 8: 4x4-6's and two doors on the trailer along with those 18 boards and a bunch of hardware in the backseat. We white-knuckled all the way home in the yucky weather, but the trailer held up like a champ.