Friday, February 15, 2013

One Month!

Wonder what the neighbors thought when the semi rolled up to deliver our flooring yesterday. We don't usually get many trucks in this town on any road that isn't the main drag through.

Today Kevin got the metal bracing in to tie all the joists together. He also got plywood into place and everything appears to have measured out properly and the 16 on center is perfect for the boards to go into place.

Proof that I actually stood on the new plywood floor.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Dance

I was gone for most of today because my friend Liz was in the state and since her parents live in the Fox Cities it also meant I got to swing by Grandma's and give her a dozen yellow roses for Valentine's Day and got to see Marlene, albeit briefly. While I was running about Kevin got a whole bunch done on the house, and the flooring was delivered!
I received this picture at 11:34 am

The text saying the flooring had arrived came at 1:50 pm. This came by freight and they had given us a window of between 1 and 3 so they hit pretty much the middle.

At 2:31 pm this one came in

Half the floor now is rejoisted! Still need to sister the kitchen side but this is a huge step forward. Now just because I was gone doesn't mean I didn't look for house stuff. Meeting at Hobby Lobby was probably not my best move, but I did find some great curtain fabric; unfortunately, I have no idea if the amounts that I got are the right ones, but they're really pretty and I can always figure out something to do with them if they don't work.  Also we have picked out our appliances and have them sorted out. This was needed for the planning of the cabinets and countertops. I get the washer and dryer I really wanted! Total Happy Dance Time!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watch Your Step

 When we started today we had the kitchen side joists and center beam still in place. We also finished the rotted out sill plate. That's what the four stacked new boards are. 

Thanks to help from my dad Kevin was able to get all the joists and the main beam out leaving us with absolutely nothing to walk across, yes, we were using the beams as walkways, and double yes it was scary. Now with everything clear we are able to move on and start building!

This is the notch where the main beam was

 Sistering on the edges gives the base for the new main beam that needs to be put in place. 
The new beam is three 2x10 by 12ft boards glued and nailed together hung with a joist hanger.

 We gained a lot of room by getting rid of the tank water heater that was in the corner under the door. We painted the old wood as a way to check if we still have an issue with powder post beetles. It was a very productive day and we got things in as opposed to taking them out. The three of us worked reasonably well! Only two incidences occurred, both to Kevin (he's ok though, really!). Thanks Dad for the help!!!